Skill Art Role Play



Character Creation

  • No player stat can be above 3. Any stat of 3 must be explained in a back story.
  • A player can not start with any power; only Skills and Advantages (some skills and advantages will not be allowed initially).
  • Players start at PL 1.
  • Skills are purchased at 1 PP per 1 Skill (instead of 1PP/2)
  • Each created Character has to have a Complication associated with them. Feel free to create your own.

Game Rules

  • PP will be used as currency within the World.
  • Powers will be acquired through various equipment.
  • Powers gained through the equipment will not benefit from the device flaw.
  • Equipment must equipped on the body in order to use it (ie- helmet-head, breastplate-torse, etc).
  • Powers within the equipment must make sense to be allowed.
  • 1 Power can be added per slot of a piece of equipment.
  • Different equipment have different slot allowances
    Basic Equipment = 1 Slot
    Superior Equipment = 2 Slots
    Advanced Equipment = 3 Slots
    Rare Equipment = 4 Slots
    Epic Equipment = 5 Slots
  • No movement powers are allowed to be purchased.
  • Certain other powers will be restricted.
  • Trade Offs will be allowed but only up to 50% increase/decrease.
  • All powers must have a descriptor that makes sense.
  • Equipment can either be found, purchased or made.
  • In addition to the power cost itself, slotting a Power into a slot will cost PP as well depending on how many have been slotted previously.
    1st Slot = Free
    2nd Slot = 50% of Power’s Total Cost (PTC)
    3rd Slot = 100% of PTC
    4th Slot = 200% of PTC
    5th Slot = 500% of PTC!
    ~PC Crafters will be able to slot Powers at a reduced cost
  • Inherent Powers in equipment do not count towards the slot usage.
  • Equipment can be Upgraded via skill or purchase.
  • MultiAttack Extra only applies to 1H melee.
  • The Close Attack, Ranged Attack, Minion and Equipment Advantages are not allowed.
  • All Combat Advantages, Diehard, Extraordinary Effort and Ultimate Effort can not be purchased except through equipment.
  • The All Out Attack Advantage can only be used by 2H Melee users.
  • Variable will not be an allowed Power.
  • PP can be freely traded among the player group as long as it does not reduce your level.
  • PP can not be traded if it creates Meta gaming issues.

Game Play

  • PP will be awarded for enemy defeats as well as completed quests.
  • Quests may also come with additional rewards.
  • The world will be a free world.
  • If defeated all equipment associated with that character disappears with them and a new character of the appropriate level, in Basic Equipment, must be created (based off of the progress of The World).
  • Ranged Abilities require a casting time after 10ft, requiring an action to perform.
    Range = Short-15ft, Medium-20ft, Long-30ft… increase action time per 10ft after that.
    Short = Move Action
    Medium = Standard Action
    Long = Full Action
  • There are different categories on weapon within The World that offer different advantages and disadvantages.
    1H Melee = Allows the use of Multiattack if a second weapon is used.(Single Target and Multi Target aspects). Can not attack non adjacent.
    2H Melee = All Out Attack usage. Can not attack at beyond 10ft.
    Spellbook = 2 Powers per 1 Slot. No permanent Effects.
    Thrown = Returns to user as a free action. Range Limited by Str (5ft per 1Str).
    2H Ranged = Decrease Casting time per range interval. Limited Ammunition (a roll of 5 or less = out of Ammo).
    *Monster = Although not exactly equipment, monsters have their own set of abilities which aren’t as restrictive as PC’s. Points are distributed as the Sidekick Advantage is described. Monsters have “slots” for powers, like equipment. Instead of crafting them into a monster they are instead sent to a trainer to learn new “abilities” (powers) or “techniques” (limited skills).
  • As you progress The World through defeating World Bosses you will increase the PLL and be able to achieve greater things and gain greater rewards.
  • Changing Equipment will be a Move Action

Crafting and Monster Training

  • In order to craft you must, acquire the Artificer and/or Inventor Advantages, take up the Expertise or Technology skills from a professions NPC, and start putting your PP into them.
  • Professions include Blacksmith, Armorer, Monster Trainer, Alchemist and Culinary.
  • Monster Trainers must also have the Animal Empathy Advantage.
  • Each profession must be bought separately and must be specifically defined.
  • Materials must be found or bought in order to craft.
  • Upon a successful skill check the item is created instantly or the ability/technique is learn immediately.

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